Mean Green and Super Tough Hand Scrub are now: Full Bore!

Two great Hand Cleaner Companies began in the 1970’s.  Southwest Commercial Products in Fort Worth Texas developed “Tuff Scrub” which became “Super Tough Hand Scrub”.  Phoenix Industries developed their famous “Mean Green Power Hand Scrub” in Dallas at this same time.  Both products spread across America.  The products were similar with a strong gritty feel.  Both use detergents instead of solvents. In 2016, Southwest Commercial Products purchased Phoenix Industries.  January 2019, we introduced our new name: Full Bore Products!

Mean Green is Now
Extreme Green

We liked the name Mean Green. We liked our “Bubble Boy”. We know you like the product and question why we would change the name. It all boils down to a trademark issue…there is a degreaser product on the market with the same name. They own the rights to “Mean Green”. Therefore, we had to change. Product is the same, only a new name. And wouldn’t you rather start living the new Full Bore lifestyle!  Work Hard, Play Hard, Play Clean!

Full Bore Hand Scrub Replaced Mean Green

Super Tough Hand Scrub is now Super Grit

You know the product as Super Tough Hand Scrub. Still the same product, but we call it Super Grit. Let’s be honest, even we did not think yelling, “Hey, do we need to order more Super Tough Hand Scrub” across the shop floor made you sound particularly tough. Just sayin…. Hence, the new name! And wouldn’t you rather start living the new Full Bore lifestyle! Work Hard, Play Hard, Play Clean!

Full Bore Hand Scrub Super Grit Size
Features & Benefits
features and benifits
Solvent Free
It's not rocket science, but it is science: hand cleaners are either solvent-based or solvent-free. Solvents dissolve a lot of hard-to-clean messes, but they also take a toll on exposed skin. Frequent hand washing with harsh, solvent-based cleaners can lead to really dry and painful cracked skin. Instead, Full Bore uses a combination of detergents and water for an effective, solvent-free formulation.
We use all natural Scrubbers
We use soft scrubbers made from minerals. We actually blend 3 types of scrubbers to get the best results. Our soft scrubbers change shape as you rub, allowing them to reach deep into your fingerprints to get your hands really clean. Our scrubbers float in water and will not cause clogs in your pipes.
Skin Moisturizers
Tough jobs make for rough hands. We add non-greasy moisturizers to help soften the skin and keep them from cracking. If your skin has cracks you just can't get clean, switch to Full Bore and watch your hands heal in just a few weeks.
Washes Away Clean
All the dirty stuff from your hands has to go somewhere. Full Bore breaks up and surrounds grease, so you won't be left with a dirty sink and grease can't build up in your pipes. This will save you a trip from your local plumber. Unless of course you are the local plumber.
Smells Good But Not For Too Long
Just because you work on engines, doesn't mean you have to smell like one. It also doesn't mean you want to smell like a flower shop. Our fragrance is as nice and clean as your freshly scrubbed hands.
Never Irritates Open Cuts
Cuts, scrapes, cracks, and nicks are just part of the job for some of us. Our neutral PH formulation will not irritate or burn your abrasions. So scrub away, and get those cuts clean so they can heal while you're at it.
We know you like to live large, but after you've given your all, it takes just a little to clean up. Half a teaspoon. That's not much. It's about the size of nickel in your palm (and it costs less than that).

Full Bore Story

It's happened to everyone: a pen leaks and ink winds up everywhere.  It's hard to get out of your clothes, and yes, it's hard to get off your hands.  Imagine if ink was what you worked with, all day, every day - in the printing industry.  Those hardworking folks know a thing or two about getting clean. And, in 1979, when Super Tough Hand Scrub was created, it quickly became the go-to hand cleaner in the largest print shops across America- because it works!  

But print shops aren't the only place where work can leave a mark.  Nothing personal, but most tough jobs require a good hand cleaner.  So Super Tough Hand Scrub made its way into truck and auto mechanic shops across the country.  All types of factories as well...  We pioneered the move away from 1940's GOJO formulations using mineral spirits. 

Along the way, the makers of Super Tough Hand Scrub realized they had competition.  And the competition was mean - Mean Green Power Hand Scrub.   Sharing the same desire to wash away a hard day's work or the evidence of a weekend warrior's battle, the two companies merged in 2016 and rebranded both hand cleaners with a name that embodies the way the products work and the lifestyles of the people who use them: Full Bore!

So go ahead.  Roll up your sleeves.  Get your hands dirty.  Full Bore will get you clean.

Product Guarantee

We're Serious About Your Satisfaction. All of our products are backed by an unconditional guarantee: If your hands aren't clean or your skin isn't softer, Full Bore will give you your money back.