Of course we think Full Bore is the best hand cleaner on the market, we're the ones who make it.  So before anybody works up a lather, thinking we are just another all talk and no action cleaner,  take a look at what our customers are saying.

Testimonial Montage

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Here's what my customers are telling me, Full Bore is their top choice!
Ken Bush
Tool Distributor
We are a silk screen & embroidery company. We used the "Orange Stuff", but my employees actually prefer the "Full Bore"
Rodney Prater
Panther City Promotions
I'll never have to use anything else but this hand scrub
Shannon McMahon
Dynamic Industries Carburetor Rebuilders
The problem I have with Gojo is that it dries my hands out. I am very pleased with Full Bore. How it cleans my hands and leaves my skin soft.
Stacy Townsend
Micro Mold Plastics
In the past, I used Gojo, just like everybody else. You had to wash your hands 2 to 3 times. With just a little bit of Full Bore, it's back to work, making money.
Autobahn Volkswagon

Why Full Bore?

Folks choose Full Bore for a reason. Becaue they need their hands clean. But Full Bore users tend to go above and beyond, so they need them cleaner than clean. They need them Full Bore clean. Forget the harsh solvent-based hand cleaners like GOJO and Fast Orange. Our detergent-based formula is the most effective soap modern chemistry can produce. We amp up the formula with thousands of soft tiny scrubbers, to get you clean deep down without irritation. Our scrubbers are friendly to the environment and meet the "American Clean Waters Act" standards.  Use as little as a half-teaspoon and get the job done. It's that little grit that goes a long way.


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