Our ingredients have all been tested for negative effects to humans, animals and microorganisms within our environment. You can be sure this is a very safe product.

Full Bore products will not burn or cause harm to minor scratches.  No more dermatitis.  

If you have been using "Solvent Based" hand cleaners for years, give us a few weeks--watch your cracked skin heal.  Your skin will love us!

However, as with any cleaner, you should never ingest or get into your eyes.


Life Cycle Assessment

The next changes to our industry are still being formulated. As science advances, and populations grow, environmental impact will continue to shape our products. A promising new model called “Life Cycle Assessment” (LCA) is gaining ground. The process is described as a cradle-to-grave study on how cleaners affect our world. The basic principle stipulates that products degrade quickly into common elements found naturally around the world.

Safe For Our Oceans

Every ingredient in our hand cleaner quickly breaks down after use.  The grit/abrasive we use is a biodegradable mined mineral.  We meet all standards set by the American ‘‘Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015’’.