Full Bore Auto-Ship For Shop Managers


Welcome to "YOUR" AUTO-SHIP order management system. We made it simple and it is 100% controlled by you! Similar to a subscription/replenishment program, but even more powerful. The first of its kind! No "Club" to join. Start when you want. Stop when you want. Get notifications (or not) on your computer or phone via email, text or push notifications. Your information will never be shared, this is between you and us!

And here's the powerful part. Got multiple locations to manage?  Need to keep the warehouse, the sales team or managers in the loop?  Invite them to participate.     

How Does it Work?

Create an account. Go to your  "Dashboard" where you can create an order template with specific items. Create as many template orders as you want and give them names. Examples could be "Houston Warehouse Hand Cleaner," "Degreaser for Phoenix Office," or "My Wife's Favorite Foot Scrub."

Set the frequency for each order template to ship. Finally, set how you want us to notify/remind you the order will be shipping. Your choices for notification are:  Email, Text, or Push Notification. 

You can also add additional users to your account. You still control everything, but adding them will keep them in the loop. Now, everyone is on the same page. We just made your life easier! No more employee complaints when the hand cleaner runs out. No more scrambling to buy something quick.